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Letters from Elena Mulina
Letter 1
Are these Russian women? Personal experience, and website. I have a relationship with a Russian girl named social Elena Mulina (or Elena Nuriva) of Samara (russia). I can not write personally with my Fraccari Cesare account, as it has always blocked me. Meeting via social internet, and 6 years of relationship. I treated her like a queen. I gave him everything, love, money, family. I loved her and her son. But i not understand, she was a scamming. Leave me alone in hotel for 5 day when i come in Samara. In this 6 years, i find a visa on her passport for indonesia, not we me. I find one time like a russian girl for realtion, and i write like another man, and she was very interesting in this man( but she made this when had a relation with me) Now I go on the internet and find that she is presented, from 2 or 3 years, as a single Russian girl available for couple relationships on the site And also on other websites The photo you used and see in the picture is that of the New Year's Eve spent together with Moscow at the DoubleTree Hilton hotel. I was happy. I gave her on that occasion, 2000 euros of mumps with diamonds and sapphires, a professional camera for the son of 1000 euros, a professional camera for her sister's children, ipad for her daughter's sister, bag signed for her sister , .... and she, as she received the presents, took the picture to show off as a Russian girl available for dating couples. Only this year, I paid for her residence permit and tickets from Samara to Milan. I paid the new pump in his parents' Dacia. It arrived at my house on June 10th. I paid 3000 euros for my son's holidays in Malta. I paid 2000 for her on the island of Elba in Italy, another 3000 euros for 10 days for her and her son on Lake Garda, and all the tickets for the playgrounds for her and the filgio. Another 2000 euros I paid for them in July for his holidays in Forte dei Marmi with his Russian friends. And this only between June 10th and end of July. I worked until the end of July, and I was thinking of doing the right thing, paying for the holidays, even if I worked and I could not go. To this add about 5/6000 euros of cash that I gave him to do shooping. In the current month of August we went on vacation together in the mountains. Another 3/4000 euros, especially for their shopping. It's a cheating. In 6 years we are together, I will have spent about 30 million rubles (about 450,000 euros) for you and your son And now I see that this scammer is trying to frame some other man, to get more money. He's using the couple's dating sites to do his business. She is a Scamming, or as i read on internt milf for sex.

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