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This is your personal room, where you can add/change information about yourself. We ask you to register your profile and to upload your photos. It will help you to find your partner and remember that it proves that your intentions about finding your partner are genuine.

Here, you can also enter your private code. It raises your status and you will have more privileges on AntiScam Club. Not all members have same statuses. For example, Guest can't get private code for himself/herself and become Invited member. He/She can obtain private code only from Invited members. So, if you'd like to make your friend a member of our club then you must go to the link Get code.

Important. Don't give private code to anyone who ask you for it. We want to protect AntiScam Club from scammers and we ask you to give private codes only for your friends. And remember that we write down all codes you take. It is like tickets with numbers. There is a limit of unused tickets (private codes).You will not be able to take more then 10 tickets. But if one of your invited friends will use your ticket (will enter private number) then you will be able to get one private number again. If all your friends enter their codes then you will be able to get 10 codes again. So we ask you to invite only those people who want membership.

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