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Letters from Irina none given
Letter 1
Hello Pernell:) I am very glad you gave me your email :) I am Irina, though my friends call me Ira. I am here to find a man who is also full of life, who knows what he wants, who feels that the life is too short to spend it in sadness and frustration. I do not want to seem or sound a shallow person. I just really want to find the positivity even in the sad moments and try to enjoy the life as it is :) I am new on the dating site and I do not know the rules. If you do not mind I will just tell you everything that seems important to me. I hope you will do the same. I am a simple person and I am not afraid of discussing any topic which can interest you. I am courageous, adventurous (to a certain extent), brave and funny. I like to make jokes and I like to be around the people who are funny and joyful :) Unfortunately in this cruel world it is definitely very difficult to find the people who would fill our lives with some positivity and not the ones who overload us with stress and depression. I know the site is full of weird people. I have talked to a couple of them and I was really shocked what kind of "cockroaches" they have in their heads. For sure you can also consider me a kind of weird woman who just tries to persuade you that she is normal. But if you have some doubts, you can ask me the questions or you can ask me to demonstrate you my serious intentions. I am open to all this stuff as my only desire is to find the man with whom I would have very strong and long-term relationship. For my man I will always be loving, tender, passionate and even naughty partner. For Him I want to be his best friend, his inspiration and his muse :) I just want us both to be happy :) I am sending you some photos I do hope you will like them :) If you want to see the people who surround me, my relatives or something else just let me know :) As I have said I am open to the sincere and honest conversation :) Please, tell me more about yourself, about your likes, about your hopes and about the things which are important to you. How long are you searching for this Special one? Kind regards and friendly kiss (if I may) :) Ira 1.jpg
Letter 2
Hello Pernell:) It is very sweet that you have written to me back I am curious how your day is going? Do you like when the weather is sunny or you prefer rain? I have to admit that I am not fond of wet weather though I am dreaming of dancing under the rain one day. It is just the dream which I am going to realize only when I am head over heels in love I think the people start doing crazy things when they are happy. They do not notice the people who surround them, they do not see or do not want to see anything except for their beloved ones, the ones who put the smile on their faces. That is the happiness I want to find. I do want to dance, to sing, to let the world know about my mood. I am sorry maybe I am too emotional to talk about the things which I want to realize. I have the feeling that despite the age and financial status every person wants to find the partner who would change his/her life for the better Wow what a beginning of the letter I have written to you I hope that you are not running away from me already Pernell, I would like to tell you that I am totally open for the adoption. I do not see anything bad in that. I would be very happy just to become a mother. Do you want to have the kids even if they are adopted? So, what should I tell you about myself? As you already know my previous relationship did not work and did not lead to anything nice. So, I took a break for a half a year and just stayed alone in order to understand what I want and what I do not want. I have never had the relationship with the man from another country but I do believe that the human values are all over the world the same. I know that we will face the language problems, differences in traditions and customs but to me it is more like the challenge, like something I will want to learn . What about you, by the way? Are you the person who is not afraid of challenges? Do you adjust to the new conditions or new life easily? Funny thing, I am am a very funny girl but somehow the letter that I am writing to you is too serious. I want to apologize for that. I'd better change the topic and talk about something cheerful Do you like to have fun and make jokes? I am really a person who can be a clown in the company of my friends. I am also not afraid being laughed at (of course, when the people do that not angrily but just for fun). I am active and very positive I know for sure that every bad situation has at least 2 ways out. So, I do my best in order to stay positive even when everything seems very sad and bad. I do have some friends who are always ready to support me. They know that because of my family situation and the divorce of my parents I am actually alone. So, if I am feeling sad they are always by my side and I am very appreciated for that. At the same time I do want to have a partner with whom I would share good and bad moments I think that I can be a very supportive and loving wife, partner. I can give my man the feeling that he is needed. To me it is something really important. I do want him to smile and I want him to know that my heart belongs to him Isn't it the most important thing in the relationship? I also wanted to say that I do want to build relationship with my partner on the total trust and respect. I know that the man and woman do not create the unity in order just to share the same house and have the dinner together. I am totally assured that the intimacy is also very important. I do want my man to know that I am more than ready to realize his wild fantasies and I do want him to know that in bed he can trust me. I am not a weird lover who likes harsh intimacy. I just want us both to enjoy this unity and feel like a single whole. I really like to kiss and to hug. I can be a very naughty girl and also a very wild tigress if needed What about you? My question is not directed on making you describe the intimacy itself. My question is if the intimacy plays important role for you or not? In my previous relationship my partner was very passive and I had the feeling that he just does not love me and does not desire me. It is pretty painful for the woman to feel that she is not needed. So, maybe thanks to my previous relationship I touch this topic now. I hope that I do not sound weird or pervert I am a normal woman with the adult desires So, I have already written a lot and I think that you can be a bit bored with my talkativeness. I'd better stop and give you the chance to write to me a letter back I am very curious to know more about you. Who knows, maybe we will find a lot in common I am very eager to talk to you again and I hope that your letter will come very soon Friendly and warm hugs Irina
Letter 3
Hello sweet Pernell! Are you sweet like an ice-cream or like my favorite cheesecake? Though do not answer, I will find out that later on myself Thanks for coming back to me and thank you very much for your letter, for your attention. I am pleased that after my previous letter the desire to talk to me did not disappear. I am sorry I am not a professional writer and I write what I feel and what comes into my mind. Though I am a woman and all the women say what they think If they are silent then they are already offended with something Ow, yes, we have a lot of cockroaches in our heads, but at the same time we can be very lovely and sweet creatures (pity that it happens only when we are sleeping :)). By the way, do you want to have the woman who is very calm and quiet or you prefer having by your side an active personality who can also erupt from time to time? I have the feeling that the man's dream is to have a mixture. They want the wife to be lovely and tender in the daily life but they also want to have a real hurricane in bed. Am I correct or this female's image is already old-fashioned? Would you mind to share your ideas? My perfect man should be just a man. I do not understand when the men spent more time in front of the mirror than the women. I do not understand when the men use more cosmetics and even make-up than the women. The man should be a man - strong, sometimes even brutal, strict though at the same time very loving and tender at home. So, that is the man of my dreams. Is it you? Haha, who knows, maybe you say Yes Pernell, I would like to thank you very much for the answers to my questions. I am very curious to learn more about you and become closer to you I am very glad that you are here with the serious intentions though I am very sad that you have burned your fingers while dating online. For sure you can request me something. I do not mind taking the video for you or taking the photo. Anything you like I have nothing to hide and I have nothing to lie about. Will you tell me what was the craziest thing you have done in your life? Are you the person who is not afraid of taking the risk? Can you leave everything and start something from the blank page or you are more conservative in this meaning? I think that I am crazy enough to leave everything behind and to make the step into uncertainty. As for being a crazy woman, I am a bit. Earlier I was fond of trying something new all the time. I jumped one time with the parachute and it was really, really scary. I did that together with my friends and after landing we all realized that it is better to walk on the ground than fly like the birds. Somehow while falling down I was very, very afraid and I was cursing myself for having agreed to make this jump. It was 5 years ago. You know, I consider this jump to be the end of my childhood and youth and beginning of the new life. I did this jump the moment when everything was not so positive. I felt not needed. My parents are divorced, they have their families, my private life was ruining gradually. So, I was lost in this life for a moment and you know, this jump helped me to understand what I want. I realized that I want to live, to be happy, to be useful. I have friends, I have health, I have the head on my shoulders, I have the whole life in front of me. So, yes, that was the craziest action in my life and I can recall it with the smile on my face though in the past I still have shivers while recalling the moment when I was falling down I am sorry to confess that I am not talking to you directly and that I have to use the professional help of the translator to have a decent conversation with you (in the meaning that we can understand each other). While studying at school I had not so many classes of English as my school was very small and my teacher got pregnant 3 times during the whole period of studies. So, she missed a lot of classes and as a result the kids did not know English at all. I have totally forgotten everything I have learnt as I have never had the practice and English was never needed in my daily life. So, when starting the search in the Internet for my partner, I realized that the online translators are like the mockery at my language and the result which I got all the time was really confusing. The sentences reminded the raving of a madman and accordingly I did not want to become a clown for a man I am talking to. It is nice to have fun and to joke but sometime we need to talk about something serious and if the translation fails, then the conversation fails accordingly. So, yeah, I had to find the organization which would help me to communicate without having misunderstandings. I do know that this news cannot bring smile on your face and I can imagine that you now realize how difficult everything is and that the language barrier is something that we will have to "delete" one day. No worries, I am ready and very eager to learn English and I am very eager to do a lot so that the relationship to work and so that both of us (my partner and I) to be happy. I hope that you believe me and my intentions. I am a fighter and I am the one who is not afraid of difficulties. Remember the parachute I see that this letter is getting longer and longer and probably you are already hungry or bored. I do not want the communication of ours to be a kind the torture for you. So, now it is time to shut up (haha) and start waiting for your next letter Do you promise to come back to me soon? I will wait Friendly kisses Irina
Letter 4
Hello my dear Pernell!!! I would like to thank you so much for your letter and for still being with me. I am sorry if I am not answering as fast as I would want. It is directly connected with some troubles at my work which now demand a lot of energy and efforts (and cost me a lot of nerves). In no way I am loosing the interest to our communication. I really admire our conversation and my only desire is to know more about you and to get "glued" to you as stronger as possible :) I am really excited that today I am with you and I do know that my letter will finally reach you. It just has to come and make your day better and happier. In no way I am trying to say that I am the tuner of your mood but I want to hope that every letter of mine brings you a bunch of positive emotions and put the smile on your face. You know how much I want you to be happy and how important your well-being is to me (even if we are not close enough to say that). Just while being a clown I really like to fill the lives of the people who are very dear to me with the right emotions. I hope that you will at least smile while reading my words :) Dear Pernell, I would like to tell you that I am very glad to know that you have found more videos of mine. Maybe if you were more attentive to the attached files of mine you would not have the questions if I am real or not. Am I right? You tell me about the desire of yours to come to me. Yes, it would be so lovely to see you in real life :) I know that it will take the time before we meet, but let us have our meeting as a main goal of ours. Thank you very much for the lovely photos you sent to me. I liked them a lot:) You have such sweet and lovely eyes :) How do you do today? How is your mood and health? Do you eat well? Haha while asking all these questions as if I am your mother whose calling in life is to take care of her dear son :) Yes, I do not know much about your culture but in Ukraine it is a very good tradition to take care of your partner and to make him feel happy. The woman creates the emotional coziness for the couple and usually she is a tuner of the family :) If the woman has bad mood, the family will also have it (because the woman will do everything in her power to spoil the mood of the whole humanity if something goes not like she wants) :) I am writing these phrases and think that we can really be "assholes" from time to time. Good that I confess that and I know that if I am behaving wrong or say something harshly, I am ready to apologize. I am not perfect and I never tried to be perfect. My only desire is to be natural, to be myself. I know that my man will approve of me with my good and bad sides :) At the same time I know that I will do my best to be a good girl as often as I can :) I promise to be bad girl only when we have a certain mood for games :) You see, I am almost persuading you to have me as a partner :) There is nothing really interesting that I could share with you these days, as my life is going in a very simple way and every day does not differ from the day before. There are very bright moments but they are all connected with our communication. We do not know each other very good but I know for sure that I have told about myself even more than I wanted to say :) I enjoy laughing with you and discussing all possible topics. You are a very sweet man and I do really like you a lot. In my heart there is already a special place for you :) There is nothing more pleasant that to feel how your life is gradually changing. Yes, we are still not very close and the distance between you and me is huge, but right now I am not talking about the kilometers. I am talking about the emotional and spiritual closeness. We uncover new sides of our personalities in every letter of ours and it is fantastic. There is nothing more important to me than to dive deep in your heart and mind and know every small detail about you. You are also welcome to dive inside me and penetrate every cell of my body :) Ow, I hope that these metaphors do not make you confused :) Did you hear the quote of Buddhists? It says: "Where is the difference between "to like" and "to love"? Look, when you like a flower, you'll pick it, but if you love a flower you'll give it water every day. The people who understand and feel the difference know what life is" :) It is beautifully said, don't you agree? My dear, frankly speaking I am living in a kind of frustration already for a couple of days. I was asked to search for new job and the boss of mine has signed a paper that I am no more an administrator in the club. I got my last salary today in the morning and after working at the club one more week I will need to leave it. That is what I was afraid of. I have already started my search for a new job but somehow the war zone is not the best place where the people can find the job so easily. In our area the life is dying gradually. Sure it will not happen within a day or a year, but I see what is happening to the people here and how much they are suffering from the lack of finances and the lack of normal happy life. Unfortunately the life here is far from being easy and the government does not have any plans to help the people who have lost the job. While telling you all that, I am not trying to make you feel pity about that, my dear man. I just know that my unemployment can cause some problems and screw my life (hopefully only a bit). I will do my best to keep our communication going as talking to you has become a very important part of my life. You always make me feel happier with your letters and your sweet and lovely openness which I treasure in the people so very much make me hope that I have found the right man. It is pity that this man is so far, though it is in our hands to change that all. Sure it will not happen within a day, but it can happen if we both will want that to happen. Everything would be much more easier if I knew English and if we did not talk thanks to the help of the translation company. The online translators are useless for my language and that is why right now my biggest concern is how to keep our communication going so that we could continue having these lovely dates of ours. The last thing I want to happen is to lose you, your care, your kindness. Every single dialogue of ours means much to me. I wish you knew how happy I feel when I reread your letters. I finally have the feeling that I am not alone. I do pray and hope that somehow everything will work and we will not disappear from each other's lives... To tell the truth, I really did not want to talk about that, but at the same time I did not have the right to hide this from you. I got used to share with you good and bad! I send you my kisses and hugs Your Irina
Letter 5
================ Linguisiting Center "TranslationPro" ============== Dokuchayeva street 20 office 2 Lysychans'k Ukraine, 93100 tel:+380947105578 email: MO-FR 9 a.m. till 21 p.m. (Ukrainian time) ================ Linguisiting Center "TranslationPro" ============== Dear Sir, Let us introduce our Linguisiting Center "TranslationPro" that provides miss Irina ( with the translation services. Miss Irina has recently informed us about some difficulties in her life which do not allow her to pay for our services. That is why your last letter cannot be translated until the balance of Miss Irina's translation account is again positive. Sir, if you are interested in our services or if you want to know about the ways of our cooperation with the clients, we will gladly provide you with the detailed information about our linguistic center. Thank you for your attention Respectfully, Alina Kot Manager of Linguisiting Center "TranslationPro" tel:+380947105578

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