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Letters from Katerina Ivashura
Letter 1
Hello, my darling. That was awful yesterday. sorry that I have not contacted you at once. Everything is very bad. I don't even know what to start from. First of allwhen I arrived to their offise, it was closed and nobody was answering. I managed to call the police and they came up. But that was also unsuccsessful. Because nobody was answering and opening. POlice told me they could only get a paper from me, which could begin the investigation and they will start to deal with it. I have no idea how they managed to do it all, I came to their agency and I asked them about al ltheir papers before arranging it, and read a lot of commentaries in the internet that it is a reliable one. they have shown my the lciiences just before I was paying anything, so everything seems to be ideal, and everything worked so correctly, with all the phone calls etc.. .and now the number and the email they were writing me from is simply not working. NOw I have found out that this agency exists but the real office of it never existed in Odessa... I am the whole day trying to investigate it. I wrote a note in police to start the investigation and they told me to wait for the results. Today in the morning unknown number called me and told me to take the paper from police or I will have problems... I am confused.... What should I do... I have no idea.... HOw could I be so stupid to trust them... but of course I could, becuase everything seemed to be real to be the way it should've worked... I am trying to find the same victims of this agency, but for now I am not able to find any... I don't believe that for me only they have closed... But the phone call from them means that they do exist and they probably have a good coverage from police... I am now afraid for my health.... Iam so confused.. What should I do?

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