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First name: anna
Second name: suhomlyn
Age: 28
Country: Ukraine
City: Not sure
Address: -
Phone: -
On web site:
Children: -
Occupation: -
Added: 16 Jan 2020
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Reported by Spearguy45 I know this person too
  ANYUTA Mon 1/13/2020 1:23 AM You If you refused, than don't write me any more. I sent the money but then I refused Sent from Outlook From: ANYUTA Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2019 3:23 AM To: Me (male victim - email address hidden) Subject: You are a man of my dreams and I can't wait to meet with you! Good Morning my sweet prince Zack! Christmas is on January, 7. What kind of Christmas are you talking about? New Year I will celebrate with my relatives at my parents house. No, I haven't traveled on an airplane very much. I don't think that I can help you in your sickness. I don't care about rail trains, but if it is necessary, I use them. Yes, I need only $100 for biometric passport. If it seems cheap, send me more money. I will easily find a way how to spend them. I'm so glad to know that you will help me to apply for a foreign passport. Dear, I really appreciate it and I know that you take me and our relations seriously. Here is the information you need to do it, honey: Here is the info you need to send me the transfer via Western Union or Money Gram or RIA. Amount:$100. My full name: Anna Suhomlyn. Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, Gerasimovka, Nezalezhnosti street, 18. I will not give up on you honey, I will wait for your help and I trust, you will not leave me and we will not lose each other! We should have a nice happy future and we can not lose our chance. Tonight I had a very pleasant dream of falling asleep with you beside me curled up in my arms. It was a very nice night!!! It felt so real to me. I could almost feel your soft skin touching mine! And when I woke up to find you not there, I was very sad. May be I think about you too much and I'm just preoccupied by you, but it doesn't bother me. On the contrary, I enjoy such feelings very much! I also hope, we will continue our relations in reality and will be able to meet and be together in real. My fantasy with you would be you picking me up at the airport standing there with flowers and giving a nice passionate kiss as soon as we touch. Then you would drive me home with your arm around me in the car and you would be kissing me at every stoplight. Once we arrived to your house you would walk me in, pour me a nice glass of wine and then walk me to our bedroom kissing you all the way there. Then you would start slowly undressing me and kissing my body until I was totally unclothed. Then you would lie me on the bed and make love to me until morning. What do you think about my fantasy? I want you to know that I would want this fantasy every night with you and not just the first night. I want to show how much I care about you in and out of our bedroom and it is important that you understand that. I want you to be happy as well as myself. If we are together I promise you will feel loved and respected all the time. Honey I must end my letter now but I look forward to hearing from you back soon! Honey, I wish you a nice day and sending you my warm hugs and kisses. Yours with love, Anna.

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