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First name: Elvira
Second name: Vasilevna Korneeva
Age: 38
Country: Russia
City: Saratov
Address: 413092
Phone: +79378463151 or +790
On web site: Tinder
Children: No
Occupation: Fashion/Cosmetics
Added: 19 Apr 2019
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Reported by suderen I know this person too
  “Met Elvira” on Tinder. I gave her my email address. We wrote for a few weeks. She wrote VERY long mails that looked like standard writings. Occasionally relating to what I wrote. Since she seemed sweet (and pretty) and interested, I continued writing even though I was somewhat suspicious. “She” even called me – briefly though. One time she signed with a wrong name (Irina), and I was sure that this was a scam. Then she proposed to come and visit me. She said that she would go to a Travel Agency. And of course…. After that she mailed me that she had run out of money and wanted 240 euro. I said she could get them back when she came, and that I never send money to someone I haven’t met, because there are so many scammers out there. She tried to sound hurt that I would compare her to scammers. I then mailed her to tell her I was reporting her.

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