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First name: Natalia
Second name: Shulzhik
Age: 31
Country: Ukraine
City: Cherkassy
Address: -
Phone: -
On web site:
Children: No
Occupation: Accountant
Added: 08 Sep 2015
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Reported by Brunovsky I know this person too
  Natalia looks a tender and caring girl, but in the reality she is very cold and exigent with men. You should not fail otherwise you will be criticized. On the other hand, she committe lot of mistakes and never care about it and don't assume. It is always your fault. I had been dating her for 3 years and she only wants the more expensive things. Last meeting wanted me to buy a very expensive shoes which I refused, more expensive than her salary and she broke up because of that. Moreover, and more serious, I paid her 3 english level courses. The last one, she was supposed to go in a summer school to the western of the country. Fortunately and willing to have a letter from her in that summer school, I checked in the website we used to chat that she was online twice. It was strange for me and I contacted the website agency to ask if someone could access her account. They said yes but accidentally they said that she was in the agency in that daysite So I could confirmed that she has never gone. As a result when I met her, she could not join spell two english words and she knew perhaps less than 5 english words. Be careful, in 3 years I spent 10000 Euro with her for nothing. Money for me is nothing but attending to the situation it hurts. Just be careful when contact this girl. She is a devil in person.

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