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This woman usually tries to marry a man having a high social status, she avoids marriage for long until she finds a right person. She feels aristocrat, she doesn't like when someone expresses himself in rude words in her presence or shows bad manners. She can't afford herself appear before anybody (especially before her husband) in a bathrobe and hair curlers, her dresses are elegant (despite the income) and she smells with good perfume. She feels wonderful in a role of a fashionable mistress. It may be hard for her because knights are almost gone out, many men don't already remember how one should treat a lady. A woman-Lion is practical and she estimates every partner as a potential husband. She is born to be a good wife and mistress. Perfect partners for Lion: Aries, Gemini, Lion, Libra, Sagittarius Match Lion more or less: Cancer, Carpricorn, Virgo
Don't match Lion: Taurus, Scorpio, Acquarius, Pisces

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