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Letters from Ann Soro Anna Soro
Letter 1
How are you doing? Thanks for your letter. I like your photos. Your profile on a dating site intrigued me. You look like nice person, and want to know you better. So what do you want to know about me?, pls ask. Ok, my name is Anna you know already this and I am 33 years old. I looking for serious partner. And my intentions serious, Im not person who like games. I want to say that I will not send any nude pictures or etc if you ask me, because I know many man only want to see such pictures. My intention in getting acquainted with you serious too. I am not looking for a fleeting romance or just sex. I am seeking a man for future family. I am seeking a man for a serious relationship and true love. I sent photo hope you like it and you want to continue communication with me more. I will finish my letter on this. I wait for your reply. Have a good day! Anna
Letter 2
Very nice open mail and see a letter from you. So what I can tell about me else. I live in city gubkinsky . This is a small town. It is located in central part of Russia. I live with mother. I dont have any siblings. I graduated from the Institute, now I'm working in insurance area. I have never been married. I love children but do not have own. I think for you interesting my physical data, because on photo sometimes hardly to define a person. My height 167 cm. I dont have bad habitsn - I dont smoke and I drink very rarely on holidays! In my letter, I told a little about yourself. When I have free time, I like to spend it with my friends, also I like to reading, cooking, walking, watching tv. How do you spend your free time? Tell me what you do at work? You can also ask me questions, I am happy to answer them. You can feel free to me about something to ask. Ok I finish. Waiting for reply from you with impatience. With regards Your new friend Anna!
Letter 3
I am very glad to receive from you mail! You are probably very busy man. I'm glad you took the time to answer me. Where photo was taken, in men room? Because I dont see any working place. Yes I grow in my city. I didnt traveled a lot I only visited some russian cities. Its not farming community. Again I would like to continue the story about me! Despite at age I still feel young and attractive. Perhaps life is just beginning. A little about my work, I work with computer in insuarence company, The company insures a variety of areas, from health to cars. My work takes a very long time. I have 8-hour workday. And I have one day off in week. Before when I studied at university, I didnt think that my work is so important and complex. I thought that if I get a higher education I can live and not to indulge in anything, but everything turned out differently. But I am goal-oriented person, I really appreciate what a quality. I think this work doesnt require much effort, but because of it I can exist! Tell us what you're keen on? What you are most interested. What do you like what cuisine do you prefer? I'm not bad cook, and have tried different foods. But most of all I am attracted European and traditional Russian cuisine. Only in it can try all different tastes. Maybe someday you will try it. Do you have a lot of friends? I have, but not so much. But I believe that true friends should be few. I have very close friends. They are even closer to me than a friend. I can even say that our relations are like family. We are very much in common. We studied together at school and then came together at the university. And then life scattered all in different places. Three of them now live in my town. One went to live in Germany. She met there with her husband through the Internet, then they met together and went traveling. So she did not return from travel. I think I wrote enough already, I hope you will not be bored reading it. I expect from you new letter. Anna
Letter 4
How are you? I wanted to tell you that I dont have own computer at home, I use a computer of a friend. At work I do not have access to the Internet, because the employer uses software security to protect personnel from visiting social networking sites or any unauthorized sites. So sometimes I can not write to you. Yes I was in love and I want to get this feel again with right person. My birthday is 31th august little later than yours. You know that I live with mother. In 2007 my father became ill, he had a heart condition, and He died of a heart attack! For me it was just a very large catastrophe! I dont want to talk about it, because when I think about it in my face come the tears! The relations with men for me its always seriously. I hate when to me lie, and I dont cheat people too. Even in comic form, though with sense of humor all good. I think that time and winks dating for me on the street has long passed, Im serious adult woman and really want to meet my unique and special man. Which I have so long sought, to be generous, kind, generous, and at the same time firm. With a strong shoulder at every sense of the word, which I can always put your weary head. I really like the expression: do not let the woman cry, because God counts her tears! A woman from the rib men occurred. Not from his feet to be humiliated. Not from his head to excel. But from the side to be side by side with you to be equal to you. From under the arm to be protected, and by heart to be loved. Do you believe in God? I am very anxious attitude to faith and outlook on life. I am a Christian. How do you attitude to religion, tell me. I'll wait for a letter from you! Anna
Letter 5
I have a very good mood today. And all this thanks to your letter. I was very interested in reading it. For me it is all very interesting, because a new one. I had never done anything like this. And I thought dating online is not real. I did not believe that it is possible to find a man who would be so interesting. How did it happen to you. Thanks for photos of the office , so many computers there. I very sorry to hear about your father, I know how is hard to lose close people. I'm curious to know about you. And talk about themselves. What do you think about this? Sometimes I feel lonely, but eventually it goes away. I try not to think about it. And distract yourself with various things. Now I communicate with you and everything is fine. By the way, I hope that you understand everything I am writing to you. I practice my English. I studied it in school and then university. And I can say that I am not difficult to speak and write in English. Yet in Russia, I do not use it. Here, we speak on Russian. And you may not understand me sometimes? I think that you are very energetic and cheerful person. I am interested in your life. I share your interests. This is very good when people understand and support each other. I find it easy to communicate with you. I like to tell you about their lives and their interests and learn more about you. I will finish my letter because I must go now. But soon I'll write you a new! Have a nice day! Anna
Letter 6
How was your easter, we wil, have easter 15th april. I want to ask you did you had any relations with russian women? You probably interested to know why now I am not looking for a husband in Russia. This doesnt mean that I want to find a good life and leave the country. I'd be happy to find my love here. Just now I opened my eyes and realized that all russian men dont respect women! I guess I dont have to tell you about the existence of russian vodka and its destructive force of human exposure. Many men like to drink in Russia. What kind of family is there to say? And even more about healthy children. I believe that this man dont need anyone, but rather all women who have husbands drink, trying all sorts of ways to get rid of them. Because with them it worse and worse. They are no use and no material or physical. I hope you can understand me! Since I work with women very often I see women's tears colleagues. How are they hard and how many women have babies without a husband, only to prolong the race and not just stay the same. Many people believe that life is better with a child in a relaxed atmosphere albeit poor, but without the man who would drink, change and spoil the whole life. I also would love to have own child, but in order for it to be happy family, a family heritage! I want to have two kids! I really sincerely want to find love. Who knows how will end our relationship, I'm not guessing. I just want to say that you are very good man and communication with you gives me pleasure. Maybe one day we can really be together. What do you think. I think that people's lives depend on them. Anna
Letter 7
I thought that you lost interest to me, didnt saw letter from you very long, are you busy? I like to see photo with your son. I would be very interested to know more about your city. I read about your country on the Internet. My city is not so big. We dont have many monuments. But we have beautifull nature. City located on the left bank of river Pyakupur. I sent a few photos. I think every woman regardless of age, must watch of figure! So I'm doing exercises and running, I also love to swim, but there is no public swimmig pool. And how do you feel about sports? Well, like all cities there is a small cinema and theater. In his spare time, I go to the theater. How often do you go to the theater? How do you feel about art? I love movies. And what genre do you like movies? I love the variety of thrillers and psychological drama, and of course comedy. I love the things on which to meditate. But sometimes it make me happy light comedy, which relax and bring a particle of humor into my life. To my regret, or maybe fortunately - I'm an unique child. As a child I dreamed about the elder brother or sister. But my parents deprived me of that opportunity. I was brought up worthy woman Despite all the difficulties of life. I grew up in a good decent family, we are not rich, but my parents were able to give me everything that a person needs in life. The most important thing parity, honesty and kindness For me, right now the closest person is my best friend, her name is Inna!!Now she is friend to whom I speak for all the advice! Anna
Letter 8
I am very happy that we write to each other,because through letters we learn about each other more! With each letter I learn more you. Thanks a lot for pictures of your city and you. I like to know about your life what you like and prefer. I have a lot to tell about myself. Every letter I telling you something, you're not tired of reading? :-) We had Easter yesterday and we paint eggs with mother, I also visited my friends. We had last week cloudy weather. But yesterday in holiday we had sunny weather. And today great weather also. Sometimes I like and read romance novels, detective stories, or just informative book. It depends on my mood. Writers, poets, and favorite works a lot and that not enough of a day to all to remember and to tell you. I am absolutely exactly to the television and all transfers, which they broadcast. Yes, and I absolutely little time to watch it. Recently, even frightened include television, because watching the news on the channel as a a horror movie. Each day the attacks, falling aircraft, killing all in stuff like that. As I wrote to you earlier, I have very little free time, so I try to spend your leisure time as much as possible, interesting and varied. Sometimes I'm very tired at work and therefore can spend your weekend alone. Rest with yourself and relax. Now I just rest when I'm writing you a letter! I like to spend weekends with my friends. We love to go to theater and cinema. Also we like to sit in a cafe for a cup of coffee and talk about everything. I was very lucky with my friends. They always ready to help in difficult times. I love them! I also like to rest on Nature, forest walks, listening to birds singing and smell the fragrance of flowers. It helps me relax and forget about all the problems and relax from the city. In the summer my friends and me often get out out of the city. One of my friends have their own gardens, where we spend most of our vacation. We are even planning it at one time. To relax together. In Russia very beautiful nature. There are many trees, greenery and green all summer and all the blooms. It is very good so that the air is much cleaner than in big cities. In the winter, in us a lot of snow, and we also go into the woods to ski! I love to swim in the river, but there are only a few places where we can swim, because the river fast. Weather here in the middle zone is peculiar. In winter the temperature drops to minus 30 degrees, and in summer rises to 30 +. At this time in the forest do not let anyone, so many fires happen. And so we go with friends to the country. Where too You can relax and watch the night sky, see the falling star and make a wish. In the summer, especially in August, we sometimes most starry sky. I love to watch it before bedtime. It seems that my very long letter which I wrote to you. But I think that you would be interesting. I look forward to from you letters. Kisses Anna
Letter 9
Hello, my darling XXXXXXX! I was very pleased to see again your letter in my mailbox. Your email make me very happy, I am glad to read. I am glad that our communication continues. I dont want to stop. I hoep you will write me more often, thank for your photo. I am very pleased to communicate with you. I think you're just the man with whom I want to continue correspondence. I very sorry to hear about your friend, I understand how difficult to lose close people. I didnt saw northern lights here. XXXXXXX I'm told that it is very important priorities in life for me is my family and only long-term relationship. For me, my family will always stay first, and I hope my man will respect me for it. When for human family is all, that it means that everything else in his life will be good. All goes well, and material well-being and career. And of course in such a family will always be emotional balance, peace, positive emotions, warmth and comfort. I really want to know about you as much as possible. I am glad that my heart hadnt deceived me. I dont want deceive you. I tell you the truth, because I dont see the point, to deceive you. I really want to find a worthy partner, with whom I can build long strong family relationships. I hope this is you. Honestly, I live in the thought of you. I can imagine how things will develop our relations. I imagine that in future we can meet with you. I very much hope that this will happen. In fact, I'm just in the clouds, because I always think of you. I can not stop thinking about you. I would like, I like to think about you. I cannt sleep, because I think about you and me. You know, I told you about our relationship with friend. She is very happy for me that I found you. She noticed that with me, something happened. I couldnt hide it from her. Frankly, I want to ask you, what would you not tell your friends about our correspondence with you. I simply think that this is a purely personal matter between two people. I wouldnt like to know that my letters read someone else except you. I dont want anyone still talk about you and me. My colleagues and my friends or they dont know about your existence. A friend just know that I met you. The more I didnt say anything to her. Kisses Anna
Letter 10
I miss you! How are you? Its not crazy I think about you too. I have no words to convey all the happy feelings that overwhelmed me. Your letters for me as breath of fresh air in my life hectic. When I read it I imagine you mentally. I see your eyes and hear your voice. I wish I could hear your voice. I'll try to call you in the future. Dear I think we will think in future about meeting when time come. Because I dont want to have virtual relations and it will be our next step. We should develop our relations. Dear what you mean I hope you are real? Of course I real. You think Im robot or its Matrix around?I want to ask you, what would you have been honest with me. I want that you would write me truth.I not like lie. It seems to me that any person doesn't like, when him deceive. Therefore I always ask that to me would tell truth. But to regret very few people is plain. Many people behind the back can discuss, think out you gossips. It awfully isn't pleasant to me. Simply it seems to me to avoid easier any conflicts when you speak to the person on face, what you think. Always to find together easier solution of a problem, than simply to condemn or accuse the person. I think that we with you won't have such problems. I think that at us with You all will be normal, I think that at us with you at all Will not arise such problems. It is very interesting to me to know how are you? How successes on work? I hope that all is good. At me all still. Changes nothing. The most interesting event is an acquaintance to you. I am very glad that have met you. And also it is glad that we have found the general language. I am given by huge pleasure to write to you. And I feel, that it is mutual. I madly like to tell about myself, about the various things. Also it is pleasant to learn about you. I am really happy that has met you. Sometimes I think of it. And it seems to me strange that The people living for thousand of kilometers from each other, could meet. I am glad that it has occurred to us. Kisses Anna

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