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Letters from Mariya No second name
Letter 1
Hi there, I'm Mariya. It probably happens once in a year, so I came across ur photograph by chance, and I really liked your looks, to tell the truth, I even downloaded it. You seem to be a man who is interesting to spend time with, I felt a strong attraction to you the moment I saw your picture :) I don't know... :) Maybe we're a perfect match who knows? :) Wanna see my picture? I hope you will like the way I look like so we'll be able to keep in touch and get to know each other better... Please reply, and we'll talk!. Really hope to hear from you soon, Mariya.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Chris! Can I call you my friend? I'm glad to get a letter from you, and grateful for what you want to continue our dialogue. By the way, I'm sorry that I forgot to specify the date of my birth in the last letter. I was born on May 25, 1986, according to the sign I have "Gemini". Please read this letter very carefully, this is a very important letter, I want to know your opinion. I am not ashamed of what I do. I wondered about the affect this theme in his first letter, and generally talk about it or not. I always appreciate honesty in a relationship, and always tell the truth, and I hate liars. I am not ashamed of their work. I like to dance and I love good music. I have a beautiful body. It would be a crime to hide my body under the clothes. I am happy that someone is looking at me very happy and excited. It's very flattering to my vanity, I'm glad to feel needed and desired. I hope I did not shock you that I have no complexes, and I think that's good. Most importantly, I want to tell you - it's just strip my work. My heart and soul will never belong to those who look at me during the dance. My love will belong only to the man, whom I love. Complexes make life boring. Just do not think I'm immoral. I'm very vulnerable, tender and true. I created only one man, and if someone will love me, then I will not be anyone else. I just love life and enjoy every moment. I'm trying to live a decent life, that I was not ashamed of my actions. In fact, God sees all. So I think that I'm not doing anything bad in my work. If I want to do a striptease show for you, would you like to see it, Chris? By the way, my name is on the stage of a passionate tigress. What do you think about this? My photos were taken by my friend Irina. Previously, she worked as a professional photographer, so some photos taken in a studio setting, where she worked as Irina. Unfortunately, I lost most of the pictures when my computer was broken. Now I have so many pictures. If possible, I want to ask you, do not send me large files, because I have a very slow speed of the Internet. I use Usb modem, Adsl. This system is not functioning too well. In addition, the internet is not cheap. I pay the downloaded megabytes, and if a large number of megabytes to download, the cost of internet is increasing. I am therefore more convenient to write to you just e-mail. On the modern means of communication such as Skype, facebook, and various kinds of messengers I still can only dream of. I tried to install the software online, but I could not. Web pages are slow. Regular e-mail correspondence to me the most acceptable and convenient option. Moreover, all the free time I takes work and study, I can not stay online. I will send you new pictures and hope they will like you. For me, it is important to know what kind of impression on you make my pictures. I also want to see more of your pictures, and I hope that you will send new pictures for me. As you can see my pictures are not too revealing. But with each successive letter of my photos are more candid, if you want it. As I told you earlier, I just want to build trust and long-term relationship and I will not hide anything from you. You are very pleasing to me, you are very good and nice to talk to. I am not mistaken in you. I want to continue our relationship, I want to know you closer to me with you very well. I want to tell you about where I live. I live in Russia in Arkhangelsk sity. It is the capital of the Arkhangelsk region, is located in the north of Russia, almost off the coast of the White Sea. My city is located at a distance of 1235 km. north of the capital of Russia, Moscow. In the 18 years since reaching adulthood, I left the orphanage and began an independent, adult life. After reaching adulthood (18 years), the state gave me an apartment. At the orphanage I was studying fine, and was able to enter the free Medical Academy of Arkhangelsk, where I am now studying at the Faculty of Dentistry. Probably, you have a question about why I wrote to you? The following year I need to finish his studies at the Academy of Medicine, and very soon (within days), I come to your country to practice (traineeship in the dentist). All documents are ready, and I even have a ticket. But at the moment I do not know exactly where I will be in your country. I know only one thing on their arrival in two weeks, I have to work in the capital of your country. After two weeks of practice in the capital of your country, I go to another city. I can choose the city or I can stay in the capital. At the time of practice, I'll be provided with hotel accommodation and meals, except I get paid. The possibility of an internship in your country, I received excellent training in the Medical Academy. This is a government grant, which helps develop the skills of young professionals. I hope you all understand. I'll tell you about this in detail in the next letter. Everything is ready, so I'll soon be in your country. I had a desire to find a friend in your country, and lucky me - you came into my life. I think it's fine, we will be able to communicate in real life. We can not just talk. I love sex! I would like to know you in a more intimate setting! You can communicate with over the years, but did not realize that this man - the perfect partner for you, until you can have sex. I do not force you to it, because in the course of communication that happens by itself. After completing an internship, I'll go back to Russia, in order to complete their training. But in the future I want to leave Russia. I want to sell the apartment and leave the country. At least that is my wish. In order to study at university I needed extra money so I work with a striptease dancer in a nightclub. I do not want you to think that I am a prostitute. I do not like that. I do not have sex for money. I will never agree to have sex for money. Due to study and work, I have very little free time, so seldom at home. In my spare time I like to jog in the morning, and in winter I go to the stadium to skate. In the mornings I always do gymnastics. I try almost every day to visit the pool. I love to swim. During the voyage works all muscle groups, and this is very good for health. Do you like swimming? As you understand, I am a healthy lifestyle. How do you feel about the sport? Hey, Chris wake up :) I hope you do not fall asleep while reading my letter. I think that this letter was too great, and you are tired to read it. So I finish. Please email me what you think about all this. I would like to know your opinion. I hope my letter still raised your mood. I look forward to your new email to me. Your passionate tigress, Mariya!!!!
Letter 3
Hello my dear Chris! I am extremely pleased that we continue our conversation. The most important thing is that I'm very easy and interesting to talk with you. I think it's important criteria for a true friendship and love even more. I have a good mood. Last night, I listened to wonderful music, which has been preserved in my old cassettes. I love classical music, as well as jazz. I like Bach, Mozart. Sometimes, I listen to foreign pop music. In my heart I'm a music lover. But, of all the styles I select just the classics. Do you like music? Speaking about art, I want to tell you what I like to visit museums and art galleries of the city. Maybe soon we will be able to visit the gallery of your town? I like to watch movies. Perhaps, like any girl, I prefer romantic movies. Also, I like comedy and drama. As it does not sound corny, but my favorite movie is "Titanic." This is a wonderful love story. Moving from the cultural theme, I want to go back to talking about my future trip to your country. In my last letter, you probably do not fully understand the word about my trip. I'll try to explain to you all the details about this today. Please read my letter very carefully. Perhaps because of the language barrier that separates us, what are you then can not understand, but I very much hope that we will find common language. As you know, I'm a dentist at the University of the city. I am one of the best students of our University. I am a very responsible attitude to my studies, so I have a great chance to get a gold medal at graduation. Only once in five years, among all Russian students played grants to the opportunity to travel abroad to undergo training (training in the specialty). Luck smiled at me, and I got the opportunity. My joy knew no bounds. Of course, I had to try, because I have to not only learn, but also to work with. I promised myself that must win this grant, and I reached my goal. In front of me opened up huge opportunities - I have received a grant for an internship in your country. Your country is chosen for a reason. Dentistry in your country is one of the best and highest paid professions in the world, compared with Russia. For example, in Russia, called the sadistic dentist, and even tooth fairies. Probably due to poor maintenance. And the very first dentist in Russia, was a cruel king - Ivan the Terrible, who tore his teeth means at hand to poor farmers. If you're interested, you can find this information in Wikipedia or just visiting the search engine Google. I would like to change the opinions of our citizens and qualified to become a real doctor. I am confident that with your specialists, I must succeed. Job Title Dentist is a very important, so the minimum period of practical training is 6 months. During this time I can get a huge "knowledge base" of experts from your country. The most interesting thing is that the contract internship, my salary will be 2750 euros per month. This is a significant sum for a Russian dentist. On this salary can only dream of in our country. I still can not believe that very soon I will be abroad, because I had never traveled outside of Russia. Under the terms of probation, the state pays for my trip to your country and a complete package that includes accommodation, food and clothing (if necessary). I am in no way going to need. I will work as an assistant dentist in your country, and receive not bad money, which I will miss out on free use. The first two weeks of practice, I should be in the capital of your country, which will start a course of lectures. Then, all the students sent to the cities of your country and I would be terribly nice to get it in your town, my dear friend Chris. I think it would be very nice to meet in reality do not always given a great opportunity. What do you think about it, Chris? Passionate and colorful tiger tiger - I think one of us could get a perfect match. I would be very nice to hear your opinion on this matter. I hope that you are not tired. I want to keep our relationship and become closer to you. In this letter, I attach for you my photos. Please tell me honestly, do you like my figure? It is very important to me. If you want, then I can send you a more intimate photos in the future. As I told you earlier that I did not want to hide from each other. I want to build communication only 100 trust and understanding. I believe that we must succeed, and we will for each other more than just friends. I look forward to your new email to me. Your sweet pussycat, Mariya!!! Thank you for your letters.
Letter 4
Hello, my sweet Chris!!! My sexy friend, I am very pleased to hear from you again. How are you? I hope that you will do well. My day is very rich. Work and learning do not let me miss, but you will never go out of my thoughts, no looking, no matter what! I have wonderful news for you, all my documents ready for the trip. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I am going to Moscow for further stay to the place of my internship. Just recently, I heard the news and immediately wrote to you about it. When I sit at my computer, I was hoping to see your letter, and now I am very happy that you wrote to me. I miss you. Simply put, when I read your letters, my heart starts to beat faster and I'm pleased by this. I feel warm emotions and I am very pleased to continue to communicate with you. I feel that you are very nice and kind person. I am very easy and pleasant to write you a letter! Irina's birthday went well, but I was very bored, I was very sorry that you were not next to me. Now I have no one. This is a very difficult time. I'm young and I have a large sexual appetite. Therefore, we have to be content with toys and masturbate. I'm a little embarrassed to write about this, but I hope that you are not scared of it. I do not think I'm doing something shameful. I just really want to have sex. I think this is natural and should not be embarrassed of it. What is natural is not ugly. Please tell me you want to see my new photos? I see that our relations are evolving, and we can learn about each other. I want to tell you that I am a very sexual girl, and I need a lot of sex. When I arrive in your country, and we'll meet, you will be able to deliver a great pleasure for me in bed. I want you to know that I want a lot of sex. I'm not just asking you about it. The fact that here I do not have a man for many reasons. Firstly because I'm going to leave Russia, so I'm not looking for anyone here. Secondly, the men in our country is very conservative, shy and not confident. They are not able to deliver a real pleasure. I love sex, I like everything new that you can try. I love the new positions, role play, and new and unusual places for sex. I love oral sex. I think this is one of the most enjoyable forms of sex, as well as the most intimate. I want to taste your sweet cum on my lips. I've never experienced this wonderful feeling. But I really want to try it with you, Chris. In Russia, none of the men would not be able to give me such pleasure. Psychology of Russian men are very conservative, and it is unacceptable to them. I do not want to have sex only in the missionary position. It is very monotonous. I want to try something new, I have many ideas and I love to experiment! I want to try all poses Kamasutra. I hope you can help me explore this beautiful book of love. I need a partner for the study of sexuality. I also want to ask you about how you feel about oral sex? You let me suck your dick? I want to swallow your dick deep and get a taste of your cum on my lips! I've never fucked in the ass. I want you broke my ass, but please be gentle. Do you promise me? But please, do not think that I'm depraved. I just can not do anything with them - you really excites me! I have a strong desire, you can not even imagine! With me it's the first time! I just can not control myself! I believe that sex in a relationship is very important! I hope we realize that for each other and be together throughout their lives. I am ready to devote his life to one person who will understand me, appreciate and love. I hope this person is you! I want to meet a man who is worthy of my pure and sincere love. I want to send this letter to my very candid photo. I have even more candid photos, and I will send them to you later, but please bear with me. I'm a little embarrassed. I hope you enjoy my pictures. So I very much hope that these photos have not seen anyone except you. These photos are just for you, and I would not want to get my photos, even those who saw it. I hope not to confuse you with my photos, and you do not think I'm horny. If you're confused by something, then just tell me and I'll continue to do so. I would be glad to see a photo where you end on my photo. I think it looks very exciting. But it's just a thought. I would be glad to see your cum on my body and face! I'll tell you honestly, I really want you Chris!!!!! I finish my letter and I feel a great excitement. Between my legs is very humid and I urgently need to find my toy! My hands reach down to caress the clitoris. I hope this letter gives you a smile and gives warmth to your heart and pants :) I look forward to your new email to me soon! A large number of hot kisses and hugs! Your pussy, Mariya.
Letter 5
Hello, my sexy tiger, Chris!!! I am happy to see your letter. You're hot and sexy man, it can be clearly seen from your letters. I'll be your personal dentist, when I come to your country. During the procedure, we will be able to take breaks, and I'll take your dick in my mouth. You want it? Now I collect things for my trip. My train to Moscow departs after 4 hours, and I need to check if I collected all the things that will be needed during the trip. I'm leaving not a few days, and as much as 6 months. Therefore it is necessary not to forget anything. I am very glad that very soon we will be able to meet in real life. I'll be in Moscow for several days. I need to settle all the formalities, then I'll fly to your country. I will contact you from Moscow. I think I can write you from Moscow internet cafe. It is much cheaper than phone calls. Now, I have not a good situation with the cash, so I'll write you e-mail. Now I'm very excited because I had never been outside Russia, and I do not know how you have everything arranged. Your rules, traditions and customs are still very much a mystery to me. But I'm learning fast! With your help, I must succeed. I just do not know the cost of living in your country. Do you think there will be enough for me monthly salary of an assistant dentist in the amount of 2750 euros? In Russia it is a lot of money, but I do not know the value of the money in your country. I think that we can spend the money together, because this amount will I receive as my personal expenses. All other expenses related to my room and board, are funded through government internship program. What do you think it is good money to Chris? But now a little too early to think about it. This money will I get only when the arrive in the capital of your country. I've already told you that I should be in your capital city for 2 weeks. I'll get all the instructions at the Russian Embassy, and the government will give my first paycheck for the next personal expenses, according to my arrival in your country. After two weeks spent in the capital of your country I am going to visit your city. So I want to know all the information in order to avoid any mistakes or problems. Please write to me exactly how your city is and what is the closest airport to you. I'll write down the information that I did not forget. Now I had an idea. Maybe I can earn some extra money dancing striptease in your city? What do you think, how much can I earn doing dancing? But if you're against it, I'm not going to do a striptease. Your desire for me is very important. I'm ready for you to changes in their lives. I would like to strip show just for you and even more than the strip, I want to perform for you a lap dance. This is called a pip show, lap dance, that you were more clear. I'm sure you cum and you'll have an orgasm, or despite the fact that I'm not even going to touch you. Chris I do not know if you have the opportunity, but I would like to help us meet at the airport as soon as I lie down in the capital of your country. I really want to meet you as soon as possible. All my words are still just ideas, but I hope that soon our dreams will come true. As you can imagine our meeting? I think we could have lunch somewhere, then walk and talk a little bit. Then, I would like to know you closer! I hope you understand what I mean? Of course, you're right, I want to try a lot of fun with you, feeling your dick in me. Get ready, I'm getting close, you'll get a hard hot, wild sex that you never had before! Please do not masturbate until I come, I want to get all your cum! Who came to me Irina, and I must finish my letter. irina help me pack up and take them to the station. I will contact you and give you all the information about my flight as soon as I arrive in Moscow. I finish my letter. As soon as look at the letter, please respond to me. I wish you good luck. Even if I do not see your letter from home, I can read it when I arrive in Moscow, and it will be very pleasant for me. I would like to see the answers to my questions in your letter! I kiss your whole body. Your princess, Mariya.
Letter 6 The money i
Hello, my favorite Tiger Chris! Thank you for what you're next to me. You're important to me and at this stage of my life, I live only for you. Sorry, but I think we should end our relationship. It is very unpleasant and painful decision for me. I do not want you to suffer. You became for me a very expensive person, but I see no other solution. Now I am in Moscow and am writing to you from internet cafe. I got to Moscow's good, but I have a problem without solving that, I can not come to you. This is a small sum of money. For me it's a shame to ask your financial aid, and I will not do that. So, I decided to end our correspondence, because I do not want you to think badly of me. I tried to solve this problem myself, but I did not get. I think that you refuse to help me. As I told you earlier, the reason why we should end our relationship. I think you're going to accuse me and your trust in me fade away. I do not want to hear the shouts and insults from a man to whom I have a warm, loving feelings. My heart is broken. I am in complete disarray, my angel Chris, I am insanely afraid of losing you. I feel so bad now, I shake hands, and trembling voice. In my eyes with tears. I do not know what to do, I think that you're not going to help me and reject me. Please understand that I do not want to hear from you insults and accusations. Please do not tell me bad words. I look forward to your letter, your thoughts on this. I am very afraid of losing you in my heart I do not believe that you refuse to help me. You're a wonderful person, we have built huge plans for our future. Is this all just crumble in an instant? I do not want and I will not believe it. You should always leave a positive hope. I'm sure between us all will turn out. Do you agree with me? During our conversation I was very accustomed to you, and I want to be with you in real life. I want a passionate, to some extent and long wild sex with you, my angel Chris. I am burning with the thought that soon you come to me. Now everything is in jeopardy and I am very upset. It is likely that I was so stupid, thinking that was the happiest woman in this big world. I look forward to your reply. Your passionate pussy, Mariya.

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