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Letters from Lena Fine
Letter 1
Hello! My name is Lena. I'm just an ordinary average woman and i live in Russia. I decided to write you yet. I hope your Christmas was very nice! I have athletic and slim build, long blond hair and green eyes. I know I am not perfect and not the best looking woman in the world and I will never be on the cover of a fashion magazine. But I consider inside world of person is more important than just cover right? I am fit and I take care of myself. I am easy going and fun to be around. I like people. I love life. I'm very active and don't drink, smoke or use drugs. I live a very clean lifestyle. I'm very affectionate, passionate and sensual woman. I love to touch and to be toched. I'm looking for a male who's the same. I am looking for a someone who has taken care of himself over the years. I am looking for someone who is happy with his life. Happy with himself. Someone who likes to experiance life. Who can get excited about things. I am looking very caring man who can notice the tear rolling down the cheek his woman after watching a movie and comfort me. I want someone who loves to decorate the Christmas tree and make an event out of it. Turn on the music and actually enjoy the time spent. I want someone who understands why I get so excited. I want someone who can except people for who they are, knowing that no one is perfect and enjoy the company of people from all walks of life. I want someone who feels. I want someone who cares. Someone who enjoys going out to a very nice restaurant and celebrate the special times in our lives. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversary. Most of all I want someone who knows the meaning of forever and is ready to be with just one woman through the good and the bad. Are you the one who can complete my life and make me whole? If you are interested write me back on my personal mnail:

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