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First name: Marina
Second name: Lebedeva
Age: 38
Country: Russia
City: Pushkino
Address: Gagarina 12-45 zip: 141205
Phone: -
On web site:
Children: No
Occupation: -
Added: 02 Apr 2018
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Reported by ChrisWright I know this person too
  Person has requested money from me 3 times to visit me in person. I've never talked to or met the person. Here is the person's last message: "Hi my sweet heart Chris ! Dear, I feel itself it is a little inconvenient because I had to address to you for the help. I always counted myself the independent person, which itself can solve all problems. But, this time, I could not all to take into account and was mistaken that I can pay all travel itself . When I travelled earlier, it costed for me less. But i'm glad that now I have you Chris, - the man, which can help me. After ours acquaintance, at me varies sensations of. Earlier I counted myself the strong and independent person, and it was pleasant for me to feel, that I can care of myself. And now I feel simply the woman who requires support. But it is pleasant for me, to feel beside strong the man which protects me from all excitements of a life! Chris, I informed a place of arrival to you to the agent and he has calculated the staying payment for me. It will be for me 1650 american dollars. Into it enters tickets, insurance, road up to the airport and some other necessary charges. "

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