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First name: Anastasia
Second name: Anastasia
Age: 32
Country: Russia
City: Unknown
Address: -
Phone: -
On web site: -
Children: -
Occupation: -
Added: 28 May 2012
Photos:  1 

Reported by Jakoob33233 I know this person too
  Anastasia wrote that she wasn't a fraud, and she was looking for a serious man, okay, so far so good. There is just one problem, these girls all claim that they have seen my profile on a dating site, well, this profile was deleted for over 2 years ago!!! And the dating agency has confirmed the deletion, so they are defently lieing, all of them. This is the sad part, some of them can seem very real, and very convinsing, but they are just good scammers, who is trying to lure details out from you, that they can use to their next story, to the their next "victim", sorry. So please don't fall for their tricks, and DON'T SEND ANY MONEY!!!

Reports (1)  Jakoob33233(May 12) 
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