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First name: Elena
Second name: No second name
Age: 29
Country: Russia
City: Nizhni Novgorod
Address: -
Phone: -
On web site: -
Children: No
Occupation: Other
Added: 06 Mar 2012
Photos:  1 

Reported by Jakoob33233 I know this person too
  Elena, another scammer, with a cute pic, works as a teacher, in the primary school for children from 7 to 10. Her birthday is the 15th of june. Very convinsing, but yet another cheater, another scammer, I checked of course, same details, same procedure, and I have seen A LOT of these mails, so I know a little bit about what I am talking about, i case you wonder. Take care of yourselves, and don't trust this lady!!! She's a man-eater!!! Or just a simple thief, or a professional liar!!!you choose. Bye bye.

Reports (1)  Jakoob33233(Mar 12) 
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