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Class Action Lawsuit - aweb, HRB & dream-marriage.com

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:45 pm    Post subject: Class Action Lawsuit - aweb, HRB & dream-marriage.com Reply with quote

We have to stop these obvious scam agencies. They are making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month from the office staff or girls who are hired to write letters of video chat.

anastasia-international.com also owns scanna.com and anastasiaweb.com this is the biggest scam in Russian dating. They are located in Maine.

dream-marriage.com this is a copy version of anastasia-international.com. They are located in California.

hotrussianbrides.com also owns russianlovematch.com they are located in Florida.

Jim at agencyscams.com is calling for all men to join in the class action lawsuits against these companies. (Regardless of your opinion of Jim and his sites, we all need to band together to put a stop to these blatant criminals. We all know that they are huge scammers.)

As Jim says, it does not matter if you spent $100 or $1000 at these agencies, you WERE scammed. And even if you met someone nice and EVEN married her, you WERE scammed. By scammed, I mean to say that you had letters in your inbox that were not sent by the girls. In the case of hotrussianbrides.com, the girls that you were chatting with were hired to talk to you. They were not there to meet anyone.

Why will these lawsuits work now, when a lawsuit against anastasiaweb.com in the past did not work? The previous lawsuit did not have enough plaintiffs. This time, with some coordination, we will get enough plaintiffs for EACH agency.

But the main reason that these lawsuits will be a success and these agencies will pay for their fraud is that the plaintiffs will include Russian GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is what is happening....

anastasia-international.com Russian girls are finding that their profiles are being used without their permission. There are many girls that are genuinely looking for love, and they are also being scammed by the agencies. Jim also told me that he has reports of guys that meet girls and tell guys about the hired girls that write letters. Jim and agency owners have contacts in Russia and Ukraine to find these girls and get statements.

dream-marriage.com it is exactly the same since this agency is just a model copy of anastasia-international.com

hotrussianbrides.com Russian girls that are being hired to chat to guys are not getting paid. They argue and get fired. If the threaten problems, the agency points out that they have the girls' profiles and ID documents, and will cause much more problems for the girls. So, the girls stay quiet.

With these girls involved in the lawsuits, there is NO way that we can lose.

There is a post in Russian on Russian forums to find these girls to help in the lawsuits.

This a call to ALL men that have ever spent one cent at these agencies. Get involved, it won't cost you anything. We need each other to help each other.

I beg you to contact those men who are spearheading this action. More is power. The scam agencies have survived this long because we can't come together as a team. Well, let's do it.
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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 10:20 pm    Post subject: Who is this Jim anyway? Reply with quote

Who is this Jim of Jimslists?? He's on the web, and on one of his preferred sites, the women are not real! Also he has actually given good marks to marriannasmarriageagency.com and mariann and cecil sundstrum are accusing each other of stealing money from clients!! They have both emailed me with these accusations because i was registered with their site. So Jim's recommebdations does not mean anything to me! And the sites he does recommend, what kind of kickbacks does he get from them?? Anyone have answers out there???
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